More than 40 machines planting worldwide, in countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia and Mali

Vineyard Plantation

Vinomatos is a specialized and world leader company in the field of mechanized planting for vineyards with more than 30 years of experience in vineyards plantations. Using our GPS-guided vineyard planting machine unique in the world, it allows us to offer an extremely professional service with truly differentiating results..

If you’re thinking to plant vines, you have to know that Vinomatos plants thousands of vineyards every year, all around the world. In France, the most prestigious names have requested the quality and effectiveness of our services for vines plantation. For a working day (8 hours), our vineyard planting machine, plant between 6000 and 10 000 plants always following the planting compass of the vineyard outlined.

Certain vineyard plantations have now around 15 years old and can be visited to check the evolution and results of our planting machine.

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    Vineyard Plantation – Planting Machine

    GPS-guided vineyard planting machine

    OLIVA is a satellite-guided planting machine developed by Vinomatos. Our planting machine is already a success story in planting new vineyards all around the world, with more than 40 machines sold. Each planting machine, per work day (8 hours), have the capacity to plant between 6000 and 10000 plants, always following the compass of the vine plantation outlined.
    The optimization of processes, in order to reduce planting costs, its also our priority. With this machine you can reduce the number of workers inherent to this type of plantation.
    Do not waste the future of your farm, guarantee the services of our vineyard planting machine today.

    Our vineyard planting machine has the capacity to achieve a high quality of work, as well as efficiency, developing four fundamental operations during its operation:

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    Vineyard Plantation

    It is not necessary to be a great investor to have a project of 2500ac to request our services! Our field professionals are certified agronomists who work in collaboration with the farm owners. They know the soil of each region as no one else, making the best recommendations and using their best experience at your service.

    We are world leaders in vineyards plantations, using our planting machine guided by GPS. Your experience is precious and we will be happy to if you share it with us, putting our technology and our ecological convictions at your service.

    Vinomatos, Lda. Guarantees all the support and professionalism at any time, whether you choose the formula “Turnkey Project” with or without preparation of land, or even if you are a small business owner. Do not waste the future of your farm, guarantee today the services of our Vineyard planting machine.

    Farm “Turnkey Project”

    tipos de plantação

    Vinomatos have specialized in Farms “turnkey” programs, in which we offer the investor or the owner full support during their agricultural project, where we guarantee the monitoring of crops, thanks to the skills of our agronomists and the relocation of our technicians to the site of your Plantation.


    In general terms, our “Turnkey” Program offers the following services:


    – Placement of the plant and the tutor;

    – Installation of the palisade structure;

    – Monitoring of crops: advice and technical assistance (treatments, pruning, collection and marketing).

    We are online!

    Our team is available to assist you and clarify your questions. Put us to test…

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